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Regulatory Plan

The Livorno Port Authority has started procedures for the drafting of the Port Regulatory Plan.

The first step was a consensus of the local government authorities (Regional, Provincial and Municipal) signed on 10th July 2008. This involves close coordination of the local authorities' procedures and defines common objectives to be fulfilled with the drawing up and approval of the Plan. Law no.84 of 28th January 1994 states that the Regulatory Plan should "review port legislature" and is governed by art. 5, paragraph 1 that requires "the context and set-up of a port .. are outlined and prepared in a Port Regulatory Plan", paragraph 2 states that the "forecast of the Port Regulatory Plan cannot run counter to applicable city laws", paragraph 3 that "…the plan is adopted by a port committee following agreement with the municipality(ies) involved" and that "the plan then be sent for approval to the Senior Council for Public Works" and finally paragraph 4 states, "the plan is subject to an assessment of its environmental impact and consequently regional law no.1 of the 3rd January 2005; "Standards for the government of the area". The latter refers to the Port Regulatory Plan in art. 21 while paragraph 4 establishes, "the finalising of the port plan, as contained in art. 5 of Law no.84 of 28th January 1994 (Review of Port legislation), is attained via planning agreements as described in this article, with the participation of the municipalities and provinces concerned". Articles 21, 22 and 23 of Title I define the manner, time and procedures of making this documentation available to the public and the process for preparing the Port Regulatory Plan. The following documentation is the basis for the formulation of the PRP.

P.R.P. approvato con delibera Consiglio Regionale Toscano n.36 del 25/3/2015