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GreenPort Esteso

Recent years have witnessed an increase in the number of national laws and European directives to make ports more environmentally responsible and to encourage sustainable development.

With this in mind the "Autorità Portuale di Livorno" has established an environmentally friendly development plan “Green Port Esteso”.This plan is not limited to environmental issues but also includes all the port's strategic areas of development - hence the name "extended".

The primary objective is to re-launch the port of Livorno focussing on its sustainability and supporting all the activities and procedures that have a direct and indirect effect on this strategy.

Since the Port of Livorno cannot reach the levels of traffic of North European ports we aim to improve our standing in the Mediterranean but above all the become a model in terms of quality and efficiency, thereby attracting new investment and traffic.

This plan in broken down into 6 principal areas of action: 

-       The environment

-       Energy and resources

-       Infrastructures and Services

-       Integration into the surrounding area

-       Port Knowledge and Innovation

-       Costs, Tariffs, Financial Tools

Each area contains the following aspects to be worked on:  

1.      Objectives, performance indicators and monitoring strategies

2.      Development and planning budget

3.      Specific projects

4.      Reference procedures and laws

A development model has been created that combines the above elements to integrate and arrange all projects, activities and procedures to give a clear view of the various priorities.

Fulfilment of the short, medium and long terms objectives will be monitored with the help of measurable key performance indicators.

The "Green Port Esteso" project will be included in the annual review of the Three-year Operative Plan.


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