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The Headquarters of Livorno’s Port Authority are located in one of the city’s historical buildings dating to 1672. It was commissioned by an important trader of Ligurian origin, Giuseppe di Pietro Rossano (born in Alassio - 1621), who established a company in Livorno in the mid 1600s.
Although the city was central to his business dealings, he and his family never settled here on a permanent basis. Despite this and perhaps because of his great success in Livorno he decided to build this magnificent home that is now the seat of the Livorno Port Authority.


The ground floor was used as a warehouse for the goods that arrived in the port on barges.
This cargo then travelled along the canals, which are characteristic of Livorno, a unique example of aMediterranean city port.
The family resided on the first floor or ‘piano nobile’. This floor is now occupied by the President’s and General Secretary's offices along with the President’s and Directors’ Secretariat, the meeting room and the Marketing, Research and Analysis and External Relations offices.
The second floor houses the Strategic Development Executive, while on the third we have the Heads of Procedural Control and Administration. On the top floor there is a small loft with large windows with a wonderful view of the port and the city of Livorno. In the past this would have been used to check on the arrival and departure of vessels.
Originally the charging and discharging operations were decided by a race: as soon as a ship entered the port, dockers would row their boats, as quickly as possible, to reach the ship first, whoever did so also won the right to take care of loading and unloading operations. To this day the custom is remembered in racing events that take place in the city of Livorno in the summer.