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Porto Aperto: when the port is open to the entire city

Porto Aperto is a project of opening the port to the city of Livorno with the objective of helping people to get to know the driving force behind the area's economy.

Porto Aperto will reveal the port's secrets to locals who can visit previously inaccessible areas, the playmakers, the mechanisms that ensure control and themes of more human interest; the language and lifestyle that so distinguish the port and have gradually permeated the entire city.

The aim of Porto Aperto is to foster effective integration between the Port and the Province. A liaison that is mutually beneficial and that will enable citizens and students to experience the port first hand. This is an information gathering event that includes:

- Guided tours of the Port of Livorno

- Tours of the Azimut Benetti shipyard, the Port of Capraia Island and the Amerigo Vespucci freight village.

- Fascinating secrets about the future of the port, as contained in the plans prepared by the Port Authority, the Three-year operative plan and the Port Regulatory Plan;

- Detailed critical investigation on concepts and ideas that may not be so evident, such as Logistics or the Green Port;

Another of the project's objectives is to disseminate port culture among the young, to involve workers and those operating in the port in a process that creates a sense of belonging to the port community and promotes the notions of safety and quality.

Who are the promoters?

Porto Aperto is promoted and organised by the Livorno Port Authority with the local governments of the Tuscan Region, municipality of Livorno and the Educational and Didattic Resource Centre of Livorno municipality the municipalities of Collesalvetti and Island of Capraia, together with the Livorno Harbour Master's Office, the Customs Office, the Provincial Educational Authority, the companies Porto di Livorno 2000 and “Turismo e crociere”, the “A. Vespucci” freight village and Associazione Stella Maris in Livorno.

Who is the project for?

The young and students ,who will be able to enter the port and customs areas, to learn about the driving force behind the area's economic development.

Port workers
, who will act as guides and the project's ambassadors, giving visitors as much information as possible about the port's prospects for development.

Citizens in general , who, thanks to this project, will see how the port works at first hand.