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The Livorno Port Authority is a partner in the CLIMEPORT project, co-funded under the MED programme, together with the Port Authorities of Valencia, Algeciras Bay, Marseilles, Piraeus and Koper, working with ITE (Istituto Tecnico Elettrico of Valencia), the Valencia Regional Energy Agency and the Local Energy Agency of Goriska.
The objective of CLIMEPORT is to try and reduce greenhouse gases originating from European Mediterranean ports by encouraging a more rational use of energy and thereby promoting more sustainable port development.
The project has created a process of benchmarking to test a series of “best practices” that reduce environmental impact and the use of renewable energy in ports.
The last phase of the project saw the Livorno and Marseilles port authorities collaborating on a pilot project comprising the use of a computer-based tool that automatically calculates the environmental indices and indicators of port energy consumption. This tool can measure energy efficiency year after year and simultaneously help plan actions that reduce consumption.
It was conceived to be used by other ports, whether participants in the project or not and has been called ECO-ABACUS. The project lasted 36 months and terminated on 30th April 2012, with a closing conference in Valencia.

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