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AGRIPORT is a project funded by the European Commission through the CIP Ecoinnovation programme and the Italian Ministry for Land and Sea environments. The project involved a number of different partners such as: Studio Galli Ingegneria spa, the Civil Engineering and Biology departments of Pisa university, Pisa CNR - ISE Institute for the study of Ecosystems, ARO Volcani Center, the Israeli Ministry for agriculture, DFS Engineering from Montenegro, D’Apollonia and Codra Mediterranea.
The purpose of the project was to develop and test “Phyto-remediation” and “Phyto-treatment” techniques for the recovery and treatment of sediments and sludge obtained during the dredging of the port. One important result of the project was the construction of a pilot system where particular plants were grown on the sediments. As a part of their biological cycle these plants decontaminate and transform the pollutants contained in the sediments so that the latter could be sold as compost for farming.
The project lasted for three years and ended on 31st May 2012 with the closing conference in Livorno, organised by the Livorno Port Authority. Many representatives from local, national and international bodies came to see the results of the project.

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Dipartimento Sicurezza e Controlli Ambientali – Ing. Giovanni Motta