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Porto di Livorno 2000: local Port Authority is on tenderhooks

Livorno port authority has been working its fingers to the bone trying to attract cruise companies since the minute the administration held by the Mr Giuliano Gallanti seet foot in the chief executives’ office. As the local cruise business has gone strenght to strenght in recent years, posting a respectable 11,4% rise in 2015 (to 698.000 cruisers) and a 13,9% increase in the firts half of this year (281.000 cruisers), The chief executive has planned to boost the tuscan port as a hub for international passenger cruising through a number of key projetcs, starting with the sale of 66% stake in “Porto di Livorno 2000”.


We are talking about a public company (Livorno Port Authority is now the largest shareholder with the stake of 78%, while the remaining 28% is in the hands of the local Chamber of Commerce) that coordinates the passengers in the port of Livorno by managing two Terminals, three parking and 13 docks spread over the entire port area of the port of Livorno, providing too high quality services to passengers and to ships coming in Livorno.


The Port Authority issued a tender at the beginning of 2015 to let a private majority shareholder enter into the society. Four expressions of interest were received by as many temporary associations of undertakings in december 2015. The consortiums that have fulfilled the prequalification criteria for the tender have time till the beginning of october to present the formal proposal. The evaluation process will take the procuring entity two or three months to choose the winning bidder.


“Proposals are to be submitted by the beginning of october and will be reviewed over the next months – said Galalnti, that added – Porto di Livorno 2000 is our crown jewel, and we are seeking a new shareholder that prepare the ground for a society able to cater for the port’s booming cruise business. Because of its geographic location and history, Livorno is a privileged access port for one of the most popular regions in the world: Tuscany, and we need a quite skilled operator ready to exploit  future growth opportunities”