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The port of Livorno invests in dredging

It has been one of the most important dredging operations ever realized in the port.  The deepening of Darsena Toscana berths, to accommodate at least 8.000 teu vessels with a 13m draught, was concluded last week. The suction dredger, Marieke, removed up to 700,000 cu m of marine sediments in about three months, since February till may.


Darsena Toscana is the biggest container terminal of the port and it is managed by TDT society. The terminal achieved more than 500,000 teus last year


“Our strategy of creating the best possible solution for our clients is what we are already doing and what we will continue to do in the future. Nowadays there is a need to dredge up the sediments to enable ships of over 8,000 teus to call at Livorno, but the port's business strategy for the next five to six years is to build a new container terminal with a capacity of 1 m teus”, said the president of Livorno Port Authority, Giuliano Gallanti.


To be able to handle the big ships of the future, the port expansion project is of vital importance for the port: the new €870 m container terminal will be built in part through project finance loans (€530 m), in part thanks to a public work contract (€340 m); the PPI tender was published on 21st January, Private operators have time till to the end of June to respond to the international call for expressions of interest.


The Port of Livorno is bulding its foundation for tomorrow, in the meanwhile to be able to handle the big ships of the present, the harbour deepening is the best way to remain competitive.  In December, a new suction dredger will arrive to help dredge larger areas such as the entrance channels more effectively.