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Livorno: the only way is up

A new important connection to the national railway and on dock-rail capabilities links. If in Italy rail connectivity is nowhere near as competitive as it should be, in Livorno, a high-speed freight rail service to Europe is now viable after decades of dislocation from the national rail grid. A 40m euros new rail terminal was inaugurated yesterday by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, the company of the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group with the public role in infrastructure management. The inauguration ceremony hosted by port of Livorno operators, was attended by around 100 people, including the italian ministry of Infrastructure, Mr. Graziano Del Rio.


With a total cost of 40 m euro provided by Tuscany Region and by RFI, the new infrastructure will provide a rail yard linked to the docks of the most important conatiner terminal of the port (Terminal Darsena Toscana) and 3 km long railroads going from the port to national network.


“Investments in the port rail network will add to capacity and allow more traffic to and from the terminals-  states the chairman of Livorno Port Authority, Giuliano Gallanti - by linking directly the new infrastructure to the rail network, the facility will offer importers and exporters an all rail-route to warehousing and manufacturing centers in Italy and beyond”.